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Thursday September 28th 2017

11:00am–The Extra Blessing…Tennessee Whiskey
Chris Fletcher–Assistant Master Distiller–of Jack Daniels Distillery
Chris Fletcher does a deep drive in the rich history of Tennessee Whiskey and Jack Daniels Distillery. Come understand the passion behind the iconic brand and the future of the Tennessee Whiskey Industry.

12:00pm–“Hey, Bartender”
Steve Schneider-of Employees Only New York City/Singapore
Tolerant, understanding, team-driven and responsible. The guest gets what the guest wants, lickety-split. Tending bar is just as much mental as it is physical, if not more. Come understand how Steve Schneider first embraced the hospitality concept at Employee’s Only then helped to implement this top-notch hospitality program in Singapore and around the world.

1:00pm–American Whiskey…Listen What I Say
Michael Repucci–of Sons of Liberty and Dimitrios Zahariadis–of Litchfield Distillery
Come hear from our local craft Whiskey Distilleries as they talk about American Whiskey, their thoughts on the thriving Whiskey business, opportunities, successes, hiccups, and how they aniticpate the American Whiskey industry goes from here.

To Reserve a seat, please contact Frank Martucci

Saturday September 30th 2017

Grand Tasting
Host by Steve Schneider of “Hey, Bartender”

2:00pm–Houston Bernard Band Performs–The Houston Bernard Band is a must see! The bad boy of Boston country has assembled a group of musicians that bring vitality and grit to modern country. Their brand of original country music is fresh and hard hitting.

2:30pm–Whiskey & Food Pairing Demonstration

2:45pm–Flipping Out for Whiskey (Flair Bartending)

3:00pm–Houston Bernard Band Performs

3:15pm–Whiskey Seminar–American Whiskey..Listen What I Say
Come hear from local craft Whiskey Distilleries about American Whiskey. Hear their thoughts on the thriving whiskey business, opportunities, successes, hiccups, and how they anticipate the American Whiskey industry goes from here.

4:00pm–Wicked Wings of Fire Competition
Bring on the heat…From the Wicked Good Bar & Grille menu comes Wings of Fire! Come cheer on the contestants as they compete for the Title and over $800 worth of prizes.

4:15pm–Whiskey Seminar–Making Creative Whiskey Cocktails at Home
Planning a fall or winter gathering with friends and family? Come learn the key secrets on how to make some great signature cocktails for your next party.

4:30pm–Houston Bernard Band Performs